the truth about me & valentine's day.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day goes one of 2 ways: you either love it & go insane over it or loathe it and pray for it to end immediately.
Me? I am a very happy medium on the subject.
Growing up, I remember writing out my cards in front of the TV (always adding too few N's to 'Dennis' & too many O's to 'Scott') and getting special, unexpected goodies from my classmates was the best part; one year I got a mini mailbox filled with chocolates from my 2nd grade 'boyfriend.' Someone always asked to be my valentine-- whether it be my best friend or the boy in class that liked me back, so it was never a momentous "oh my god he loves me" kind of day. And by the time the years rolled around that it really stared counting, it was still just an excuse to have a class party & dine on chocolate (both which I had no problem doing quite happily with or without an official Valentine).
In high school Frank & I would spend months looking for the perfect gift for each other and make a whole day of it, and today we use it as an excuse to get away for a little (even if it's only a few towns away from home), pamper each other, & dine more luxuriously than usual. But in all seriousness, if he didn't get me chocolate this year, or even the mini get-away that he did, I'd have survived just as well & been just as happy. Sometimes just being with a person that you love, who makes you smile, for a few hours (or days) is more than enough. I am officially convinced that Hallmark didn't create V-day, people with full time jobs who need excuses for lavish dates did (or maybe teachers who needed a mid-February break) ;)
And, despite popular belief, you don't need a girl/boyfriend or flowers or even money to celebrate. Wear red, go out, have fun, tell your best friend and girl friend and guy friend that you love them! Send roses to their job. Bring a gigantic candy heart to that quiet person in your office that always says "good morning." Or slip those mini chalky hearts into your neighbors mailboxes. Don't get caught up in the nonsense-- be a Cupid & spread the love!
Yes, it's cheesy. Yes, it's borderline ridiculous, but so is Valentine's day! Instead of breaking the bank or talking about how you can't wait for it to be over, use it as a reminder to let everyone important to you know how much you love them (even if it's your cat--and I know I will be giving a celebratory hug to each of mine-- and Joj)!

Happy Valentine's day, readers!
All of my love & more to each one of you who comes back each day to read this blog!

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