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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I am not going to lie, as a die-hard Kate Spade New York fan, I was a little disappointed with the Fall 2013 RTW collection. I am usually fawning over something from the collection that I simply must have. But this time I wasn't. And for a second there I started to think that maybe Kate & I were parting ways...
And then I saw a sneak peak on Fab.com of the Kate Spade Saturday line and that little lightning bolt of 'want' went straight through me, right down to my heart. And I was in love yet again.
With clever multitasking buys (a crossbody strap bag that transforms into a clutch with matching belt), delectable 60's infused housewares, and prices that average at about $90, every poor girl with expensive taste (and a love for Kate) will be able to dress to their heart's desire with this stand-alone sister line that maintains the essence (and color) of our trusted KSNY.

{And when I say sister line, I refer to the cool multitasking younger sister who shops at Trader Joe's, lives in a swanky apartment, and thrifts on the weekends}

The line launches in March (*squee*) with it's own online and flagship store, and I cannot WAIT to snatch up a few amazing pieces for my closet and future home!
Have you Fab-users picked up anything from the collection yet? If so, make sure to let me know in a comment below!

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