not all jeans are created equal.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I recently have embarked on the tumultuous misadventure that is... jean shopping.
I don't know where to begin with my frustrations... so here's a little back story on my past jean shopping habits.
Since high school, I have gotten all of my jeans from the very teen store, dELiA*s. I'd grab 2 pairs of their Morgan skinny jeans every 2 years or so and restocked whenever I could. I currently have 4 trusted pairs that fit like a glove, are the perfect length, and look fantastic with just about everything, even after so many years of wear.
Now that I can wear jeans at my leisure (work & weekend), I thought that it would be the perfect time to stock up on them. Now that I wear them most days. And have money. And can buy them. I can just grab them off the shelf, head to the register, and jet out there with 4 more pairs & call it a day, yes? Oh no.
Between the wonky waist sizes and giant-esque lengths, I have left every single shopping escapade (dELiA*s & beyond) frustrated and annoyed. Over jeans. Some things just shouldn't be this hard! Haha
Despite popular belief, jeans are not just something you grab off the shelf and go with. You can't just buy any old pair-- they all differ in stretch, inseam, fit, type of canvas used, etc. Thus, not all jeans are created equal!
So, if you're having or have had the same issue (although probably on a less crazy scale than mine), this feature is just for you! I will be giving my personal experiences with various jeans that I try on and/or purchase with pictures of their fit on me, and keep you guys updated on my skinny jean quest until I find THE perfect pair (that is also under $100)! 
This week: dELiA*s (seems appropriate to start at the source, yes?)

 As I've stated, I live in dELiA*s Morgan Skinny Jean, so I grabbed a few sizes off the shelf in their dark wash & headed to the dressing room. Here is me (a little blonder) in their size 5/6 Morgan Skinny Jean:

& here is me in MY Morgan Skinny Jean
{What gives, De?}

So then a tried on their Taylor Super-Skinny Jean, just for kicks (& in a size 3/4)...

And this one in a 5/6
Low & behold they were as tailored in the leg as my old Morgans (but what in the world was with the sizing?)

The Verdicts:

dELiA*s Morgan Skinny Jean: Now you're just a pair of jeans I used to know...
Inseam (28"): Too long
Stretch: Okay
Material: Light to Medium Weight
Sizing Accuracy: Pretty Accurate
Worth a buy if: you're into skinny jeans that aren't tapered at the calf area

dELiA*s Taylor Super Skinny Jean: Close, but no cigar
Inseam (28"): Too long
Stretch: Good
Material: Light to Medium Weight
Sizing Accuracy: Totally off - fit into 2 different sizes in 2 different washes. Oy.
Will be ordering the 26" inseam ones online in various sizes/washes for further research - updates to follow!

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