ksny rtw fall 2013: new york state of mind.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kate Spade New York recently debuted their Fall 2013 runway collection, which was every bit 80's NYC as you could imagine. Set on a backdrop of neon lights and a signature yellow NYC taxi (with a Blondie soundtrack blaring in the background), each look captured the multifaceted city's spirit. From the Upper East Side socialite to Midtown Barbie, Deborah Lloyd took a city and made it all her own! 

A little bit campy:
Always colorful:

And, my goodness, the coats!:

Favorite look:

{The color palette is very Kate Spade Saturday}

On the whole I was more of a fan of the accessories rather than the actual clothes themselves for this collection. I found myself ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the amazing hats and gloves over even the usual KSNY staples. That Donut sweatshirt & New York book (or, possibly, newspaper?!) clutch are on my wishlist for sure, though!
Check out the rest of the collection over at Style.com!

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