happy {snow day} friday!

Friday, February 08, 2013

{A picture of my lovely Flatiron District immersed in snow via Tumblr}

According to the forecast for New York, we are supposed to be receiving quite a snowstorm today! Here's to hoping that we don't-- or, rather, that there is only enough for us to call out of work & play in until we get bored (& then it will just completely disappear over night, giving us a totally free 3-day weekend). I'm all for snow days, but being heavily snowed in & digging my car out of 2 feet of snowy mess is not worth it! Haha
Anywho, to all of you lovelies on the East Coast, stay safe & enjoy your snow day (if the weather people aren't lying). For the rest of you guys, 
Happy (I'm sure you're glad it's not snowing) Friday! 
Enjoy your weekend!

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