happy {birthday, grand central} friday!

Friday, February 01, 2013

Happy Friday, ladies & gents of the blogosphere! I can honestly say that, a week later, I'm still feeling pretty crappy & sick, but am moving in the right direction toward being 1001% better by next week (fingers crossed)! But, all me aside ;)

I have to shine a little light on today, particularly because it is Grand Central's 100th birthday!
And if you know ANYTHING about New York, you know that if you want to go anywhere, odds are you have to go through GC!
I remember the first time I set foot in GC, it was like a total dream (despite me being soaking wet)! You see it in movies and pop culture, but to actually set foot in something so magical really feels amazing (& still does)! 
{Where Gossip Girl began...}

{Where Joel tried to save Clemetine's memory}

{Hawkeye defending near the Colonnade}

I have the luxury passing through it every day on my way to work and still feel that little bit of magic whenever I look up at the constellation ceiling and head toward my track number. Just to know that I am a part of it's history-- I have been one of those people to pass through in the past 100 years is something to celebrate! How grand it is to be one of those hurrying New Yorkers, jetting to their destination.

If you're in the New York area they are doing an entire day's festivities including all day prices from 1913, guest appearances from NY celebrities (out very own Sex & the City gal, Cynthia Nixon), and small presentation highlights on each lovely piece of NYC! (I'm hoping that I will be able to pop over on my lunch)!

Happy Birthday, Grand Central!
& Happy Friday to you!

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