coffee is my cup of tea.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Frank & Scott came to have lunch with me at my job on Tuesday, which ended up in an adventure to the Nespresso bar in SoHo... which led to me having coffee!
This sounds borderline ridiculous to document, but I cut out coffee in the new year and have been living off of green tea ever since (to the disapproval of both the boyfriend- the employee of a coffee company, and Diana- my perpetual coffee date). So, let it be known among the lands, I have officially caved! And boy, was it a sweet downfall!

{Diana documented this momentous moment; me & Mariko-san, with Carlos in the back-- our awesome work team!}

So, after 57 days of absolutely no java (by choice), I am back (caramel macchiato in hand), and am not sure how I survived without it (maybe I was a total grouch & didn't even know it)!
It hasn't seemed to done much damage (yet), but one Caramel Mocha Latte (served alongside the most perfect Caramel de Sul macaron-- can you tell why I couldn't resist?) probably won't do as much as the impending months of caffeine intake. We can only see, I suppose! Until then, the Starbucks down the block has officially become my morning hot spot.

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