throwback thursday: polyvore edition.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

I was recently doing a project at work that involved a little research on Polyvore, which is this amazing site where you could "clip your" favorite fashion items from the internet and create outfits and collages, and then upload them for the rest of the Polyvore world to see. I remember messing around during most of my high school lunchtimes on it (it was one of the few sites my school didn't block), and even created a few ideas for prom at the time (goodness gracious is all I have to say about that). I logged in last week and almost died looking at my old creations! After showing off my ridiculous sets to Diana, she suggested that I do a Throwback Thursday in honor of the very young, fashionable me that existed way back when (under the username "superpancakes"). And truth be told, I couldn't resist. Here are a few of my (very dated) favorites:
This Stella McCartney look will forever live on in my heart! To die for!
This actually was my prom dress!:

Entitled "Fall 2009"
This is my most recent set from a year or so ago {can you tell? :)}:

Isn't it crazy to see how one's fashion sense evolves over the years? I wore a uniform for most of my life so I don't have many pictures to show my style evolution, but thanks to Polyvore I have something! Haha Too funny!

Are there any sites from your past that highlight your style evolution?

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