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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sorry for being M.I.A. this past week week, my lovely readers! Not only have things gone off the charts INSANE (both good and tear-worthy) in my life, but I was scrambling around during every free second I had (making myself a natural blonde again ;), catching up with friends, prepping for the next day) until... I got insanely sick. I blame my childlike naivete which believed that a daily regime of gummy vitamins and green tea would keep me safe from the hundreds of sick people I pass by everyday on public transport. How dumb to think that my immune system was a comic book hero, or at least resilient enough to get me through 1 month of work without getting sick a second time. Is that considered beginner's luck? Hahah!
Thursday morning began with a cough, which turned into a sore throat (despite how many green teas I made at work to fight it), and by 3 or 4pm I started progressively sinking into flu-like symptoms. I attempted to beat it with some OTC meds after work and ended up waking up every 2 hours all night/morning long (attempting to sleep with body aches is a thoroughly impossible task), called out of work, drove myself to the doctor by 9:30 (by the grace of God, considering how absolutely terrible/tired/achy I felt), picked up my meds from the pharmacy and was back home by 11, and have been in bed ever since! Literally, sleeping until it's time to get up, forcefeed/drink (which is probably THE most disgusting thing I've ever had to make myself to do--thank goodness for orange juice) and take meds before attempting to accomplish something (this entry being one of my very few of the day, thank you) before drifting back to sleep to do it all over again soon. What a weekend
I was diagnosed with the flu & strep throat (gruesome twosome for sure) and was forced to put all of my running around plans on hold (catching up with old friends, shopping, Les Miserables, babysitting-- a ton of to-do's that simply cannot get done) due to my lovely 24-48 hour contagious factor. But I'm definitely on my way to getting better, which is all that counts! I'm hoping that I will be at at least 90% for work on Monday & that maybe I'll not get sick for at least another month or so. Or at least 2 weeks without any ailments, PLEASE UNIVERSE! Hahah

Anywho, just thought I'd let you all know that I was alive (and on my way to getting well)! CE&TH will be back in full swing with entries for the whole week so make sure to check back on Monday!
Your sickly blogger :),

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