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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy 2013!
So here were are, at the beginning of the year, which is as much of a fresh start as one can get! And while I know a ton of people who will make/have made New Year's resolutions so far, I feel like the whole idea has lost its luster over the years for me. Back in the day it used to be serious stuff; today, you'll be lucky if you follow them for the first month, let alone the entire year. So, in the spirit of the beginning of the year, I thought I'd share with you some resolutions that I won't even bother making, because I know they honestly just won't happen unless I spend every waking hour fighting myself! Here are my top 3 non-resolutions:

1. Working out: Let's be serious here, I'm not an athletic girl unless I get the (once in a blue moon) urge to be. I used to actually ask my classmates to get me out during the first few seconds of dodge ball just so I could go relax on the sidelines (we had a 1 game minimum). So, even though I'd love to be sporting some super toned legs underneath my 5 pounds of winter-wear, odds are, it's not happening this year (or last year, actually. Even with the boyfriend's bring-a-friend membership I went half with him on).

2. Zenning out: I'm a New Yorker from an Italian family-- it is simply against all that I am to be cool as a cucumber, slow in pace, or quiet. But I've started embracing my inner-neurotic. Boo to meditation and yoga and not freaking out! Yay to letting it out! Haha

3. Sleeping like a normal person: I don't know if it's genetic or what but staying up late is something that plagues pretty much everyone in my family (my cousin & I have the 3am tweets to prove it!). So, when the weekends roll around I just know that I will be watching Scott Pilgrim vs. the World until 4am and living off of coffee and tears come Monday morning when I actually have to be alive before 2pm. Coffee and tears, my friends, coffee and tears!

I simply could not resist starting 2013 off with a little humor! But in all seriousness, how do you guys feel about New Years resolutions: overdone or sticking to your guns?
Let me know what will you be doing or, rather, not doing in 2013 in a comment!

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