happy {1st} friday!

Friday, January 04, 2013

Not only is it the first Friday of the year, but the first Friday for me at the new job! And boy, am I happy that I will not be waking up tomorrow bright and early. Not only did I learn (already) about the downfalls of using the Metro North train system (yesterday was a mess of cancelled trains, delayed subways, & me not getting to work until after 10am [can you say absolute NIGHTMARE]), but have also been having the worse sleep cycle imaginable (fall asleep at 9pm, wake up at 1:30, fall back at 4, wake up at 7). On top of trying to give up coffee (I feel like it makes me sleepier when I drink it), these past few days have proven to be the most tiring of the year (so far ;D)!

So, instead of a frightening picture of me being tired, here's a picture of a tired bunny (if only I could catch Jojo doing this on camera!) for your Friday enjoyment. Don't you wish instant slumber was possible? :)

Happy Friday!

This weekend I will try my best to sleep in, get some errands done, & relax!
What are you guys doing this weekend? Let me know in a comment!

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