case of the mondays.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Found this picture on Pinterest last week and laughed bit to myself. These past few Mondays have been a lot of fun at my job, to be honest (even despite me being sick as a dog on top of being the newbie in the office), and I've actually looked forward to them (which has not occurred at a job for me in I don't even know how long). But I remember when they were like that and boy, is this accurate!
However, this morning was shaken up a bit (possibly due to this weekend being so good) because I slept through my alarm this morning (something I haven't done since this time last year)! Luckily, Mr. Monday gave me enough of a break that I actually caught my usual train (ran most of the way to it, but late sleepers can't be choosers)! So, now I kind of understand where this pic is coming from :)
So, here are happy wishes from a fellow non-Monday gal on this grey NYC morning. Hope a little sunshine (& an easy going day) is headed your way (especially if this pic describes the kind of day you are already having)!

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