happy [funk-free] friday!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Planning a holiday party on top of the madness of shopping, working, finals, and finding time to sleep has not been fun. Having one's friends not show up after giving them a month's heads up is even worse. I just about threw in the towel last night whilst shopping half-asleep (thanks to a long day of running around and a statistics final) and heartbroken with the boyfriend for Saturday's food; I spent the rest of the grocery shopping trip in the car, a total ticking time bomb wanting to explode. To have the people I count on not be there really felt horrible and, for some reason, really got to me more than it should have. I don't know if you guys have ever experienced something like that, but it took me a few hours, a honey mustard bbq chicken wrap, and an hour or two laughing with the boyfriend to get me out of that funk. Whilst talking about my wishlist Pinterest board and Christmas with him, I whipped out my phone and immediately saw this pin:

Don't let a Friday funk or a situation define you or change you or make you any less excited for all that is to come. Instead, take that funk, transform it into lessons learned, and go forward. I think that one of the biggest things we forget on the daily is that you can't change people or make them do or be who you want them to be, but you do have control over yourself and your reactions to situations. And I choose to take it as a step in another direction; as a moment to clean off my glasses and see the situation a little clearer and go forth and have an awesome time this weekend! There's no point in letting one situation destroy my happiness and excitement for the whole weekend-- and no point in getting bitter and angry and Hulk-esque about it in general. There will be cocktails, decorations, dessert and, something Frank has been obsessing about for a few weeks now: ham! How can you be upset during the most wonderful time of the year with a party for hosting? You really can't!
Here's to hoping that your Friday is funk-free and that your weekend is even better! ;)
Happy Friday!

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