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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Even at 22, I'm still jumping on the computer and making my wishlist for Christmas to give to my parents. And while that doesn't mean that I ever receive anything off of it (although every once & awhile I get lucky), I get great pleasure in putting all of my wants on one page with price ranges and hearts next to my favorite picks with the hope that maybe this year I will. I've noticed that, over the years, the list has gotten smaller and smaller, but replaced with more expensive investments-- which I've noticed my wardrobe significantly lacks. Whether it's a basic, yet fashionable bag or black riding boots, you can't go wrong with a few basics this holiday season. Here are my top 5 wishlist-able picks:
1. Bike | 2. Bag | 3. Boots | 4. Beauty Set | 5. Baubles

I confess, I had a Black Friday impulse and purchased #3 (a combination of necessity for work, my lack of time to go shopping these days, & a fantastic Cyber Monday promotion + coupon code), so maybe this means that the rest of my list is within reach! Although the list I gave to my immediate family had the prices attached to each of these picks and, boy, they were not happy!

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