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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Remember that whole "perspective thing" I was talking about on Monday? Well! Did I have a wake up call! So. I have been going crazy over the past few months trying to track down this fantastic coat from J. Crew (which is obviously so fantastic that they were out of stock on the website) in Cabernet and even went as far as stalking the website each day to see if it was back in stock.

Long story short, I talked to an online adviser who put me on a very personal wishlist, which you leave your name and credit card info with and they contact you when they find the coat & send it your way. How fantastic! Until I checked my credit card and noticed an almost $400 charge and FREAKED! Oh no! I guess they didn't contact me before it went through!

No biggie to me, though, as there is a J. Crew a few towns away that I would gladly return the coat to (with a little window shopping to boot)! The coat arrives and ((surprise, surprise)) it's gorgeous! As in, so gorgeous I suddenly am rethinking about returning it..
 {will only bad phone images remain of the love affair between J. Crew & I?}

My stomach turns, I sleep on it, and finally come to a decision.
Despite the fact that it is exactly what I'd wanted, it still doesn't erase or rationalize the price tag for me. I'm all about quality and fashion, and I know that it would be money well spent, but I just couldn't get the $$$ out of my head. Here's why:

Now do you see it's ACTUAL value? And while I'm a sucker for outerwear, and really loved how fabulous I looked in it, imagining that I could buy a bike-- a form of transportation-- with the money from this coat was the nail in the coffin. And the ticket to Cali? Uh!
Sorry, beloved J. Crew coat, it just wasn't meant to be!

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