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Monday, November 12, 2012

I've noticed a pattern in my recent pins and it seems that I have been unconsciously inspired by black, white, & gold. Whether it be Christmas day or New Year's eve, this sparkling combination of colors absolutely screams 'party' while still keeping it sophisticated and classy.

1. KSNY Striped Carolyn Dress: There's something so vintage, yet utterly modern about this fantastic party dress. I immediately tried this on the second I went to Bloomingdale's with the hubby (& for the first time, no less-- can you even believe it?!) The saying "falling in love" does not do my reaction justice. The fabric is divine, the hue is a perfect mix of creamy white and gold paired with black stripes, and the cut is to die for. Give me a beehive hairdo & a bottle of champagne & I'm ready for New Years!
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Katie the Bunny' Coin purse: We all know I have a thing for bunnies (I am, afterall, a mommy to one Jojo-bunny!), and this would be a serious added cuteness to any purse! What can I say, I'm a sucker for cute & functional items! And Mr. Jacobs knows how to do that far too well :)
3:  Earn Your Stripes Carousel Bangle: There's just something so classy about it, so vintage, so drinking-champagne-at-the-circus-circa-1920's about this daring mix of colors. What's black & white & gold all over? The perfect watch, of course!

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