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Monday, November 19, 2012

If you don't already know, I have a Hello Kitty obsession. And by obsession I mean that my car is decked out, I go into squeeing fits whenever I find her randomly in stores, and have even created my own alias after her (my twitter, tumblr, & instagram name is hellofiggy). So when I saw the Hello Kitty Forever collection (during my usual nightly browsing of Forever 21's site) I immediately wishlisted away!
Forever 21 has partnered with Hello Kitty a few times, but this time they've expanded. Not only are there amazing and adorable clothes, but home decor as well! Everything from bath mats to pillowcase sets are included in the collection, along with a ton of new accessories & adorably giftable items just in time for the holidays (for the favorite HK-loving gal in your life)! And with the entire collection being under $30, how could you resist getting a few goodies for yourself? Here are my top favorite picks from the collection:
I have never been so excited over a tote bag-- but can you blame me? What a coinkydink that my favorite character of all time is not only fashion forward, but wearing cat eye glasses as well? It may just be meant to be :)

Make sure to check out the Sanrio awesomeness in the Hello Kitty Forever Collection and let me know if you pick up any goodies!

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