happy [pigtail] friday!

Friday, November 30, 2012

If you have been wondering where in the world have I been, just know that you are not alone (I rarely know these days)!
 Between running to work, catching up on school work & attending class, and holiday shopping (with a little sleep thrown in between), I have not had a second to think, breathe, or get an entry in. I have SO many outfit entries to take pictures of and write and post (every time me & my fantastic photographer {aka the boyfriend} get together it is for a few hours and then I fall asleep {poor bloke}-- leaving no sunlight and me in my pajamas, which I doubt you all want to see). 
But you will all be glad to know that I am still alive and have SO much to share! If only there were more hours in the day!  :)
Anywho, enough about my crazy whirlwind life-- happy Friday guys! It is almost time to put down your hair & enjoy some time off. I've noticed that pigtails have been my go-to on my days off, and this puppy clearly got the memo!
Enjoy the weekend, guys!

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