waiting for a train.

Monday, October 08, 2012

You're waiting for a train,
a train that will take you far away.
You know where you hope this train will take you,
but you don't know for sure.

I received this amazing dress from Sugarlips and immediately fell in love. Talk about the perfect mix of modern futuristic and my latest space age obsession! The best part? The super slinky number fits like a glove-- hugging in all the right places without being too clingy, and has an unexpected pop of color in the back that brings it back to Earth for a regular night on the town if one so chooses (& I soon shall!). It's one of those pieces in your closet that is not over the top, but definitely keeps the door open for a transformation-- which I had no problem doing! Whether it's your next girl's night out for some martinis or space alien Edie Sedgwick taking the next train to her home planet (which is kind of what evolved by the end of this shoot), this number has you covered! And can I just mention how high fashion it made me feel just to wear it? LOVE!

My very talented niece, Lydia, made these amazing rings!

Dress: Neptune Cadet Dress c/o Sugarlips | Coat: Vintage | Wedges: Union Bay

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