the quest continues.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Despite purchasing a coat last winter, after painstakingly searching for one that was perfect in all respects, I must confess that I still am on the outerwear quest! After whipping out my credit card the second cold weather hit and discovering that the amazing Wool-cashmere blend trench coat from J. Crew was no longer available in Cabernet, I lost hope. Will I ever find that perfect cold weather companion? Is this meant to be a lifelong quest, searching out the perfect length, warmth and shade to bring me through the blistering cold days and nights of winter?

After checking back to see if the coat just so happened to be restocked (advised by many a J. Crew live chat specialist I have talked to since the coat's departure from the website), I took a chance and looked in their new outerwear arrivals. Swoon-much? Here are my top 3 favorites:

1. Bow Coat | 2. Double-cloth Funnel Coat  | 3. Collection Tweed Topcoat

 My favorite thing about these 3? Each add their own little elegance and personality to the usual boring, everyday winter coat-- either through cut or color. Is the coat one of these? Will the quest ever end?!
To be continued...

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