It landed on the Wicked Witch in the middle of a ditch, which was not a happy situation for the Wicked Witch!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The topic that started my best and most talented friend, Jack, and my first conversation in freshman year of high school was The Wizard of Oz.We bonded over the movie, Judy Garland, and soon after, the amazing Broadway show, Wicked. So when I told him my idea of being the Wicked Witch of the East (the one who had the unfortunate pleasure of a house dropping on her head), he immediately took the reigns and made sure that my costume did our Oz obsession justice.
wizard of oz wicked witch of the east costume

{his initial sketch of my ideas: a tornado headdress, armholes, and me as the broken house}

All I had thought of getting was help turning a cardboard box into a house; this is what I got:
wizard of oz wicked witch of the east diy costume wicked witch of the east diy costume the wizard of oz wizard of oz wicked witch of the east homemade costume
Can you say DEAD on?! The transformation of this spray-painted box into THE house was beyond ridiculous-- a term I used numerous times throughout the night as it was coming together to convey my overall amazement. My best friend is a ridiculous, effortless, artistic genius, to say the least!

wizard of oz wicked witch of the east costume

It was a total hit at the Halloween party (with giggles ensuing every time I'd drop into the box and stick my striped tights and glittered feet out) and I have never been more proud of a costume! I cannot wait to wear it again today (my boyfriend's niece is being Dorothy so I'm even more excited) and a million times after!

Happy Halloween!

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