happy halloweek!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Today is officially 1 week until All Hallow's Eve! Can you believe it?
Halloween is probably the biggest holiday in my house besides Christmas. Every year, once the pop-up Halloween shops opened, my sister & I would spend weeks thinking of our costumes and help my dad scope out new decorations (as if we needed anymore)! We'd then spend weeks turning every corner of my house into a haunted mansion: from a 6 ft tall Frankenstein crafted by my dad to covering each picture with scary photos and each doorway with lights. My mom would plan our annual Halloween party and help us transform into the witch or character of our choice while my dad would be on the microphone all night, freaking out trick-or-treaters like a Vincent Price narrative in a scary movie.

My favorite part of the night? My sister and I trading our spoils after loading our bags with candy from the surrounding apartment buildings-- which would sometimes last me through Christmas!
{My sister & I (when I was 2 years old. No joke!) as a witch & black cat}

Even though my parents weren't able to go all out this year (renovations intruded in on their usually scheduled decorating time) they still took time to Halloween-ize the house as much as they could these past few days. Here is a peek into what my living room currently looks like!

And yes, that is a troll doll dressed as a pumpkin atop our fireplace! 

Are you doing anything special in preparation of Halloween next Wednesday (the day of WOE!)?

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