frightening fashion: flying purple people eater

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween has always been a big deal for me and my family. Between my house being decked, from top to bottom, in decorations and searching out every local seasonal costume shop for the perfect getup, it was officially Halloween season in the Figliuzzi house the second October hit. But these days, and being a poor girl with expensive taste, I'm not crazy about splurging on something I'll only wear once. Instead, I work with what I already have in my closet or buy a big ticket, versatile item that can double as an everyday piece and build off of it.
I thought it would be fun to recreate some fashionable, yet cute and clever costumes with pieces that do just that, all the way through Halloween and share it with you guys. I know how difficult it can be to try to figure something out and this may help all of you undecided Halloweenies out as well! So here it goes!

Nothing like a few accessories to transform your favorite frock into a classic monster!

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