motivational monday.

Monday, September 24, 2012

I realized that I haven't been posted a Motivational Monday in quite sometime-- which is good, because that means I haven't needed motivating (or at least enough to write an entire journal-long entry about)! However, I do still believe that Mondays are the peak time for motivating. For me, mornings are hard, but Monday mornings (even at 3pm) are difficult! So, for the Mondays when I will not be motivating myself, I will be attempting to motivate you with adorable pictures, insightful quotes, and motivational words to live by! What better way to start the week, eh?

If you are doing just that, take the time to sit back, wherever you may be and enjoy it-- not many people even figure out what they're good at or what truly makes them happy on a daily basis... ever! & If you're not, get on it! It's never too late :) Having a not-so-happy day already? Pop out on your lunch break for a little you time, book a future spa date with your gals, or grab your favorite $10 indulgent Starbucks monstrosity of a coffee and revel in its deliciousness for 5 minutes before returning to work-- after all, a happy worker is a productive worker!

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