if money were no option: right this second!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

If my bank account was plump with moolah, I know the 5 things I would be indulging my little heart with!
1. There is something so old-school glamorous about wrapping your hair in a silk scarf. This fantastic fox number from Tory Burch plays clever and coy in the best way *swoon*! 

2. A bike that was in storage was finally defeated on only my second ride (years of wear/tear and lack of upkeep did it in), and ever since I've been dying to go riding. This adorable bike from Sixthreezero has all of the modern luxuries with a vintage twist (how darling are those leather accents?) -- very me, huh?

3. I almost had a panic attack when my Pinned link brought me to a "no longer available" page for these to-die-for Prada driving moccasins. According to reviewers they are THE most comfortable pair of shoes ever-- but of course they are! Even with the over $400 price tag, you know I'm dying for them!

4. Oh Kate. Kate, Kate, Kate, Kate, Kate. You went there. You totally crossed into polka dot territory. As if I needed to wishlist anymore items from your fabulous fall collection. Thank goodness this adorable cross body bag it isn't navy blue-- who knows what blind impulse shopping I would have done!

5. I just so happen to be a sewing machine jinx (just ask my current one, the one I got years ago that broke on the first day I had it, & Chelsea's whose didn't work the other night for reasons unknown {aka because it hates me}). I would hope that, with the power of Hello Kitty, my DIY coat would become a cape, as it was meant to be, and many other projects would eventually be complete. Le sigh. In another life, maybe!

Now, imagine me riding down the road in that bike, kicking up crackled autumn leaves as I peddle by in my Prada moccasins, wearing the TB scarf around my head 1950s style, the bag wrapped around my over-sized black and white check cape... can you see it? Uh, I can! :)

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