happy [last unemployed] friday!

Friday, September 21, 2012

If you noticed no Friday post last week, it was because I was at an interview for a part time job at a local retail store on the day of. And, low & behold, after countless resumes sent out, applications, and those downright ridiculous psychology assessments, I picked a winner-- well, the winner picked me :) The schedule is flexible, the pay is generous, & I get to put my styling techniques to work (one of my interview tasks was to actually put together an outfit for a scenario my manager created-- so exciting)! And did I mention the discount is TO DIE for? It's currently taking every bone in my body to not spend all of my future money, you have NO idea ;) [I've made lists, people, VERY LONG LISTS!!]

As for my last free weekend, I will be venturing upstate to see my very fashionable relatives before rushing home to spend the last few hours on Sunday with my hunny before the start of my big week! But for now, I'm enjoying my Friday (& I suggest you do the same ;D)

 Remember not to rush through it, like these guys, even though you may not be able to help it ;D
Happy Friday!

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