which one? wednesday: loafer edition

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

I may be a little slow to warm up to this trend, but lately I have become obsessed with loafers for the upcoming fall season. Considering that I usually wear ballet flats for as long as my toes can handle the winter chill, loafers seem like the next best thing or, rather, a slightly warmer update to my usual shoe "uniform." 

Why am I so sold on these more Chuck Bass-ier flats? There's a level of sophistication that I see coming with these shoes, whether with tassel or not. Whether in glitter or cheetah, there seems to be something very "high class" and "a glass of brandy in a blazer" about them, while still maintaining an edgy, young air about them. And how can I resist a new classic?

In my quest for the perfect pair of simple, low key loafers, I have stumbled upon many that I would love to purchase, particularly the Prada pair aaalll the way at the bottom that many reviewers on Nordstrom have called the "most comfortable pair of shoes they have ever owned." Hey, a poor girl can dream! 

L to R: Yoko, Steve Madden, Steven by Steve Madden, Kate Spade, & the beloved Prada

Truthfully, I wish I had them all in my closet! 
Which pair made its way onto your fall wishlist? 

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