pink and grey.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Lately I have been going back to the old digital stomping grounds that I (guiltily) haven't, for years, had the time to actually peruse. was, since I learned of fashion designers and their amazing talents, my biggest addiction whether it was during fashion week, around my birthday when I when try to recreate something amazing for my big day, or in the late hours of the night when I would make 'Outfit' folders for future inspiration. Til this day I still have Spring 2006 photos from Marc by Marc Jacobs RTW show somewhere on my computer! 

One of the big trends that I noticed I was (unknowingly-- thanks for aiding with the epiphany, Pinterest!) drawn to lately was the subtle, beautiful mix of powder pink and deep, titanium grey. I first spotted it in Marc by Marc Jacobs' collection on Nordstrom (clearly one of my ex lovers whom I am still wholeheartedly infatuated with) and, after pinning just about everything from his collection, stumbled upon it again in the Chloe F/W 2012 show. Falling head over heels in love with the collection is an understatement, and the combination of colors even moreso. 

There's something very ethereal about this mixing of hues-- like a muted printemps, or, better yet, spring and winter clashing together all at once, unexpected but very beautiful. It's breathtaking and downright gorgeous, and I can't wait to recreate this fantastic combination as the seasons change. 
Please, someone get me one of those darling pink coats from Chloe! They are absolutely to die for!

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