made for each other: glitter accents

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Isn't it fantastic when two completely unrelated things that you found at two entirely different times find each other? I'll be sharing my fashion corinne-cidences with you guys whenever I realize I've found them! Here's one that literally gave me a lightbulb moment the second I saw it!

These days, I consider myself a glitter convert of sorts. Since the dawn of my teenager-hood, all thoughts of the multifaceted substance as fashionable went entirely out the window, along with gelled hairdos and orange peasant tops. However, in the past few months, and it popping up everywhere from Miu Miu to my own toes, I have grown to love the whimsy and flair that a little glitter gives an outfit.

During one of my late night wishlist journeys, I came across these magnificent Steven by Steve Madden pumps that had just the right amount of glitter to make my eyes go wide in amazement. Instead of dreaming up the outfit to go perfectly with the, they instantly reminded me of a DIY idea I had pinned quite a bit ago-- a thought to recreate this fabulous blazer-esque winter coat that had the perfect hint of (what appears to be) glitter up to the pockets (fabric glitter paint? I pondered). The rest of Liv's outfit is so simple and chic that the small glittery addition ads enough to polish out the entire look.

Imagine pairing these two together on a night out? Simply having them both hanging next to each other in my closet would be more than enough! (Or in this poor girl's case, simply on her blog!)

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