happy friday!

Friday, August 10, 2012

I cannot believe that summer is almost over! It's really killing me-- I am in serious denial -- I just can't get over it! haha! Luckily I had gotten lucky enough events to finish off the summer right! This weekend I'll be going to a concert with the beau, an anniversary gift to each other that we've had for about 2 months now (we haven't been to a concert in years). The evening after I'll be packing the turkey jerkey and my bathing suit to head towards North Carolina, to spend my final days of summer with my best friends lounging on the beach and, literally, soaking up as much sun and fun as humanely possible before it's back to reality (and the start of grad school a week after my return)! And, most importantly, next week is the 1 year anniversary of this lovely blog! Can you believe it? Time really does fly when you're having fun!

And speaking of time, here's something to make your Friday go a little faster...

It gets funnier the longer you stare, doesn't it? haha 
Happy Friday!!

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