happy [beginning of a loong weekend] friday!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Sooo grad school FINALLY arrived last night! So surreal, so strange, so very weird going to my college at night after a summer away! And while I know that I don't know as much as my classmates (98% graduated with a BA in Psych, next to little old me with a Psych minor & BA in Advertising), I definitely had a feeling of calm come over me as I sat there, listening to my teacher's lecture. I won't lie, even after so many years of going to school, first days still petrify me and my confidence wasn't all there. But as the class progressed it hit me-- I can totally do this. School isn't the problem, it's everything else that really scares the heck out me! Haha.But I have it pretty easy considering it was only the first day-- and no school until next Thursday! Yay for Labor day (which I hadn't even realized was this weekend until the boyfriend pointed it out to me)! Here's a little dorky humor to start off your long weekend right! :D 

& my sincerest apologies for being behind on comments-- I have been avoiding email to the extreme ever since school fever started to set in & now that I'm over it I can stop sucking haha! 
Happy Friday, guys!

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