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Thursday, August 02, 2012

If any of you lovelies follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen the transformation of my beige heels into the amazing glitterfied (not a word- but officially a part of my vocabulary) pumps that I've been trying to find reasons to wear on a daily basis. Friday evening I was sitting on my couch, painting my nails for my birthday festivities on Sunday when it hit me-- I had absolutely no heels that would pair well with my adorable Kate Spade New York Spotted Chandler Romper for the party. I had been eyeing a pair of glitter heels but, even if I wasn't a poor girl, they'd never make it in time for Sunday.

Left: Delia*s Nadine Glitter Heel | Right: Kate Spade New York Corinne Heels (CORINNE-cidence?! I think not!)

My thoughts wandered to a pair of beige shoes from my sister's wedding, they were cute-- I had only worn them once & they were quite comfortable-- but not the right shade, and too reserved for my already clean and simple romper. Suddenly my brain flashed-- hold a on a second! I had a tutorial to make glitter flats... maybe this could apply to said beigey-plain shoes? I already had most of the materials... Without a second thought I called the boyfriend and begged him for a trip to Michael's, our closest craft store, to pick up 2 missing ingredients for my glitter shoe recipe.

I followed this fantastic tutorial by We're Not Martha that I had bookmarked ages ago (tweaking here & there for my open toed shoes) and, 24 hours and lots of glitter on my living room carpet later, I had the perfect pair of birthday shoes!
Left: The beige shoes before the transformation, Right: Mid-dry after a coat or 2...
If you intend to do the same for your favorite pair of open toed pumps, use newspaper for the inside and tape off the exposed areas on the sole/inside of the shoe before spraying with the glaze finish-- it's fantastic to spray away, let dry and then peel off the tape to reveal your perfect party shoes, ready to go! The tutorial called for masking tape but I used regular clear Scotch tape instead and it worked just as well! I also used a plastic knife to trim the glitter from both of the open sides of the shoe, to make them symmetrical, and a bobby pin to clear any glitter out of the holes in the ankle strap.

The pumps are surprisingly very intact-- no glitter train as I walk or peeling of any kind-- but not too stiff or uncomfortable to walk in. The poor, fashionable girl inside is squeeing with joy over these "new" pair of shoes that only cost me $12 in materials and totally fed my need for something sparkly on my toes!

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