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Monday, August 06, 2012

Do you ever notice buying patterns in the fashion items that you purchase? For example, my boyfriend will only wear certain dark colors (any variation of navy, red, grey, and black) and my dad has rotated the same navy and black t-shirts (summer) and sweatshirts (winter) for as long as I can remember (with the occasional teal thrown in when it's particularly unbearable out in the summertime). 

I never believed that I had done such a thing until I realized the amount of navy polka dot clothing items I actually own (alarming is putting it lightly haha!), yellow sweaters, and red... everything. Clearly I have a thing for primary colors and didn't even know it! After looking through my recent pins, I've realized that such a habit isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and is a lot more prevalent than I'd thought! Here are a few new pieces I'd love to add to my already color coded closet. 

1. Markus Lupfer Sequin Collar Dress | 2. Ann Taylor Petite Refined Cropped Pants | 3. Qupid Tassel-Front Velvet Loafer

Favorite part about each piece? They can be either dressed up (for a hypothetical job) or down (for a hypothetical trip to the library, class, or anywhere pigtails are acceptable) for basically any season! 

Let me know that I'm not alone on this! What are your fashion buying patterns?

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