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Monday, August 27, 2012

Did you ever get disappointed about something not happening/going through and then, out of nowhere, somewhere down the line it works out-- a late surprise, a glimmer of hope. Well, that's exactly what happened to me on Tuesday and I was over the moon until it hit me-- that moment when everything is good, when you realize that life really is great and amazing. This quote always pops into my head when things like this happen and lately, such great things have been happening a lot!


I think that it is very, very easy to become cynical over time, especially as you grow older and life gets more difficult and complicated. And life has been hard for me over the past year or so. So much harder than I believed I could handle. I've gone through so much, fought so many internal and external battles, but at the end of it all, when I'm covered in dirt and picking myself up off the hard ground, life changes for the better and becomes this amazing thing I forgot existed. You know, it's really not all that bad, despite how much spotlight we give the bad times.
I have, more than a few times over the past year, asked myself "is this REALLY happening?!" (in the best denial way possible) I remember the happy phone calls to the boyfriend or the dance parties around my room after something transforming happens, something that lifts me higher and higher off the ground, something that pats my cynical side on the shoulder and shows her that sunshine is on the horizon, that I still have a fighting chance.

So here I am, for once, not motivating you for something ahead, but asking for you to examine your life, this very second, and enjoy it. Enjoy the good in it-- whether that's a good friend, a good book, a good day, or just a good coffee. Bask in it in all of it's amazing glory. Look at how far you've gotten! Dance around your room for the start of something new, or the joy over something that you've accomplished in the past year. Realize that it was you who did this & no one else! 

If someone would have told me that I had accomplished this much and done all of these things that I have in the past year I would have, literally, laughed in their face. Me? Travel? Write? Work where I interned? Blog? But I did. And so did you! Why not enjoy it a little? :)

Today I urge you to sit back, at your desk, in your computer chair, on your bed, whilst walking to school or the coffee shop, to the library or your boyfriend's house, to take a moment and look around you and smile. This is your life. Be happy! Enjoy it! Dance around! Hug a friend! Give someone a compliment! Live your dream! Do what makes you happy, today, right now, this second. & when you finally do, squee and dance and, most of all, enjoy the hell out of it!

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