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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Did you ever find an AMAZING fashion item that you, literally, wanted in every single color they made it in? If you're a poor girl like me you get that pang in your stomach whenever this happens-- not because you think of how broke you'll be after purchasing every pair, but because (at least for me) it usually ends in defeat (and no purchase whatsoever). I stumbled upon a pair of silver glitter heels in the most recent Delia*s catalogue that I would have sold my soul for-- and at $39.50 how could I resist? However, after going to their website I learned that they not only come in silver but pewter, gold, champagne, multi (similar to these Kate Spade peep toe pumps), cobalt, and black. Needless to say, I am stumped. After pinning various different colors in my 'Wants' board on Pinterest I just cannot decide. Silver and gold both work for flashy New Year's Eve outfits, but there's also pewter. Champagne may be the perfect mix between the two but the picture on the website is so dark that I'm not sure. The cobalt can serve as that extra pop (or sparkle!) of color to any wardrobe, but black goes with everything. And "multi" has party written all over it!


I have officially hit the wall, which one do you guys think?

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