birthday week: the wishlist!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

If there is one thing that I love love love to do, it's to make wishlists. I love being able to save amazing pieces for the day when I hit the lottery and can purchase them all (which may never happen, considering that I don't play the lottery. Ever. haha)! Here are a few goodies I would love to wake up to on Sunday morning (that are still poor girl friendly)!

  1. The Killer Pinot Grigio: Although I am usually not a fan of wine, this killer bottle (no pun intended) and rave reviews are enough to make me try it! And on what better occasion than my birthday?
  2. Sunbeam Mini Pie Maker: I have had the $80 Williams-Sonoma version pinned in my wishlist for a year or so, but can't see myself justifying spending that much, no matter how much I love cup-pies (hugs to my fellow Pushing Daisies fans who understand that reference!). However, while wandering through Target one day, I stumbled upon this crimson beauty for only $30, also known as less than half of that W.S. version, also known as need territory. I'm sure when my autumnal pie obsession hits me, I will be praising the giver of this amazing contraption!
  3. My Beautiful Rocket Lipstick from Lime Crime Makeup: I've been a fan of Xenia, the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, back since she posted creative and bright makeup tutorials on her blog (I still remember her mermaid and raccoon tutorials, blue bangs, and dreamy band Sky Salt). Today, she has her own makeup line full of vibrant colors and to die for hues (and still posts amazing tutorials)! I have been eying the perfect orange hue, 'My Beautiful Rocket,' for months now and hope that, if anyone I know and loves checks out this entry, that it will just so happen to end up in my mailbox by my birthday! 
  4. In the Gnome Container: If you've read my previous entries you are more than aware that I have a thing for lawn gnomes. However, finding law gnome decor that isn't kitschy can be quite a chore! This lovely ModCloth doodad, however, is not only chicly gilded but also serves as a place to stash whatever your heart desires. My choice? French macarons & rainbow cookies in honor of my big day!
  5. Kurt Halsey Frederiksen Works Obscured: Mr. Halsey has been one of my favorite artists since my days on Livejournal. I stumbled upon his work one day and have been in love ever since, checking back every few months to see his new amazing pieces. Now I can actually own some of my favorite works in this amazing coffee table book! The lovely stuff you find when you keep checking back :)

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