birthday week: the party

Thursday, July 26, 2012

If there is one thing that I love to do, it's to plan parties-- particularly birthday parties. Every year I would spend most, if not all, of July planning out the theme to my birthday party, what I would wear, who I would invite. Everything from food and snacks to presentation was planned and re-planned and, when the day finally came, went off without a hitch. I loved playing hostess and having my friends try the little treats I'd spent hours conjuring up in the kitchen, and hearing them rave about how amazing everything was. As of right now, my birthday plans are up in the air but that doesn't mean I can't dream up a killer party anyway! Here's an inspiration board for a fantastic 22nd birthday party:

 {All images via Pinterest}

"The festivities would take place just when it just begins to get dark, in a large backyard, or field of sorts. Only cocktails and finger food, as well as delectable desserts, would be served. Sparklers would be substituted for birthday candles on a tower of french macarons, and my friends and I would spend the night laughing, talking, and dancing until we were no longer silhouettes, and the sun decided to peek its rosy head over the horizon."

There's something so grown up and teenage rebellion about the way I imagine my dream party playing out. Doesn't it just sound remarkable?

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