ode to frank.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Today is my boyfriend of (almost) 8 years, Frank's, 22nd birthday and I could not resist posting an entry especially for him. He always talks about how unimportant his birthday is, but I think the exact opposite entirely! No celebration? No presents? No blog entry commemorating the occasion? No (possibly embarrassing) caricature I drew many years ago for the entire blogosphere to see? Pshaw!

Now, not only is he an  pretty awesome guy but, you know those outfit posts? Well, if it weren't for this guy right here, none of them would ever happen (or maybe they would, except with a tripod & would come out pretty bad ;DD). Truth be told, If it weren't for him a lot of things would have never happened in my life-- he was my first kiss & boyfriend... in the history of ever. He painstakingly spent weeks teaching me how to drive and parallel park (with his truck, mind you) with more patience than I was worth at the time. I would have probably never set foot on a plane, or seen another country, if it weren't for him. And I'd probably be too much of a crazy mess on a daily basis to even muster up one blog entry without him (ok, maybe just a lot of rants instead). I can honestly say that every time that I have a problem-- big ("car just broke down, help") or small ("ugh! stupid teacher!") he is there for me, without questions, immediately, all ears & eyes & whatever else I may need, exactly when I need it. He gets it. And has since we were 12 (you can read about our love-hate relationship as pre-teens here haha).

Very few men glimpse the amazing person that he is-- extremely intelligent, sweet, honest, and all around good intentioned guy. Sometimes too good. To the point where I look at him & wondering if he really knows the depths of my crazy... And have I mentioned, he looks like a really cute human-bear (or as I like to call it, bearface!)? But I digress! Basically, he's amazing, the entire package! And I really have no idea who or what or where I'd be without him. Sincerely.

So without further ado, and with much affection,

Happy Birthday to my better half from the blogosphere! 
...You see the whole bearface thing I'm talking about? :D 

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