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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sorry for the slow week or so! Unfortunately, the only ensembles I have been rocking this past week have been work clothes (for my recently concluded temp job), pajamas (the new unemployed chic), and pajamas as work clothes (and by work I mean clean- and by clean, I mean my room). I am slowly but surely taking apart my living quarters, cleaning every surface, rearranging, throwing out, and even updating a few things as I go along.

As a poor girl I tend to hold onto things that other may not deem necessary to keep. For example, I had about 5 or 6 sheets of the amazing tissue paper that came with my gorgeous Kate Spade Terry tote that I simply refused to part ways with. But let's be honest, other than gift wrap, what the heck was I going to do with it? Lucky for me, I not only didn't have to force myself to throw it out, (an aha! moment saved it) but I got to give a little bit of further flair and refashioning to something I see everyday (& have already recycled)!

This lovely folder holder was refashioned from a Fed-Ex/ UPS box from my past and has held everything from school folders to magazines in the past few months. However, it's refashion didn't exactly scream "adorable addition." So I decided to spruce it up a bit, Florence Broadhurst style! Check out the DIY below!

Looking for something a little easier?
Well, considering that the tissue paper was doubled up and an extra sheet was sitting atop my bed, I simply couldn't resist making something cute to match! So I decided to brighten up an old file folder as well!
Click through to check out how to make both!

 The Folder Holder
What you'll need: Your folder holder/box, Mod Podge, brush of some sort to apply said Mod Podge, recycled computer paper, & tissue paper (the bunny is optional, but recommended ;] )

First, I covered up all of the dark colored areas on the box with used/recycled computer paper (courtesy of mom & dad's tech problems) and some mod podge, as the tissue paper has a transparent background and you don't want any of that Fed-Ex realness to come through.  

Make sure to do this to the whole surface of whatever you're covering (or, if you're a lazy Larry, to the parts that will be seen)  

Allow it to dry so that wrinkles and air bubbles don't occur (I didn't, but it didn't turn out too bad) before mod podging the entire surface again.  

Then, gently lay your tissue paper right side up on top of the box, positioning it. Gently form the tissue paper around the box with your hands, ironing out any air bubbles and wrinkles.  

Finish off your edges but cutting slits in the excess tissue paper and folding over to the inside of the box (kind of like wrapping a strange octagonal-type Christmas present).  

Follow the paper as far as you can around the box, cutting and mod podging as you go.  

My tissue ran a little short on one side so I used one big piece from my excess pile to cover it up. If that doesn't work out you can always use another piece to cover it!  

Make sure all of the corners/edges/surfaces are flat to the box and let dry overnight before putting any goodies inside!  

I didn't do the interior, mostly because I know that I usually pack my stuff into this thing and wouldn't see it at all. But if you were looking to finish it off, a little mod podge and some computer paper would do just fine :)

The Folder
What you'll need: Mod Podge, a brush to apply it, a file folder, scissors, tape, & tissue paper of your choosing.

Mod podge the outer surface of your file folder

Lay the tissue paper right side down. Place the mod podged side of the folder in the center of the tissue paper and press our any air bubbles, making the folder and tissue stick together.  

Fold back into position and let dry for about 20 minutes or so, or until dry to the touch.  

Cut off the excess tissue paper. You can either cut very closely to the edges or fold over the edges of the tissue paper. I did a little of both. I sealed the inside of my folder with regular old scotch tape (the impatient DIYer that I am).  

Voila! An adorable refashioned organization set (in the likes of Kate Spade no less)! AND I could even use it in my tote :)

You just went green and fashionable in 1 afternoon, how do you feel? :D
Let me know in a comment!

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