happy friday!

Friday, June 29, 2012

A little changes have been made to the blog, as you can probably see! New header up top and also, a reader notified me that the GFC follow button was nowhere to be found for CE&TH so FINALLY I have one haha! It is the second tab/section on the right-hand side of the blog- so feel free to follow me! I was wondering why my readership wasn't increasing despite many comments- please excuse my airhead moment bahaha!
Anywho, small bouts of craziness went on this week: my niece is over, which is always fun! Of course that is compounded with lots to do so I feel bad abandoning her with my parents. I've been running around to watch the Euro Cup games at my boyfriend & my friend Mike's house. Our Italian team made it to the finals and I am SO excited!! I've been a soccer hooligan since 2006 (I initially started watching randomly one day whilst going through the channels-- how can you pass up constant replays of guys falling in slow motion?!) and really got into it with my boyfriend while watching the World Cup that same year. We were cheering for Italy, who hadn't won the title in decades, but that year they did! We watched every single game, got dressed up in the garb and painted our faces, and totally partied in our town after they won. Ever since I've been a diehard fan (& I have the intense cheering and involuntary heavy breathing whenever an opponent gets toward Italy's goal to prove it)! I'm trying not to jinx it (yes, I admit to developing superstitions as well haha) but I am stoked for Sunday's game (in a nailbiting kind of way)!
Today I'm spending the day in the city with my cousin to go shopping and wander around Union Square, celebrating Mike's birthday tomorrow night with dinner & a movie (Ted!) with lots of friends, and watching the game & celebrating my Mom's birthday with my fam on Sunday!

Happy Friday guys!
Also, here's a hysterical website I stumbled upon to get you through the lat hours on your Friday :D Enjoy!

What are you up to this weekend? Funstuff? I'd love to know! :D

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