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Monday, May 21, 2012

I seem to be very indecisive when it comes to fashion purchases these days. I am somewhere in between my impulsive, "grab it & go in every color" personality that plagued me as an unemployed fashionista these past few months and my just-blossoming-into-my-fashion-self kinda poor girl that I started off as many years ago. My purchasing questions have transitioned from, "should I buy this?" to "What color/style should I buy it in?" Since I don't have the luxury of buying both, or every color of said item (and am attempting to be more practical in all of my purchases) I usually end up weighing the pros and cons for hours, days, weeks even, and never seem to come to a conclusion. Instead, my Pinterest wishlist board grows and I end up avoiding the purchase altogether.
 Here are a few of my most recent dilemmas:


1. Black Milk x Jeffrey Campbell Comic Book Page Platforms: There's no denying that both the Lita version and the Wedge version are so utterly badass/amazing/killer!! on so many levels, which is why this is so difficult. Which one looks better? Should I get the wedges because they have more of the pattern on it? What is actually practical to buy? As for the question of "what in the world will you be wearing them with?" My mind has already rationalized that part-- everything!

2. The Kate Spade Carousel Watch:  I have been eying these gorgeous bangle watches from my beloved KSNY since they were released but can't seem to decide between the navy blue or white one! I'm sure when I go to purchase one of them sometime this week with my graduation gift card that I will be doing my "what to do" dance before closing my eyes, eenie-meanie-miney-moe--ing and finally deciding!

3. The Leopard Loafers: Steve Madden or Qupid? Both have totally different sized patterns, different colors, and all of the same awesome style I'm looking for in a seasonless, leopard loafer. I can literally see myself rocking both with a pair of skinny jeans & a tshirt. What to do, what to do...

4. The Chambray Top: I have been jonesing for a chambray shirt for months now, but have been unable to find a suitable F21 priced candidate that fulfills every expectation I have. Undoubtedly, this J. Crew version, which is the epitome of chambray perfection, has been sitting on my wishlist board for months now-- but that $70 price tag has been holding me back. Now that I've found a cheaper alternative that is just as pretty, I'm hesitant to take the plunge. Should I invest in a big ticket J.Crew purchase or taking advantage of the $40 price tag of my fab find?

Will I ever rock any of these or will they forever sit in my shopping cart, hoping to find a home? Will I ever decide on any of these decisions?! I feel like one of those "to be continued..." episodes from the 90's :)
Are you guys experiencing/have experienced the same hesitant buyer's grief that I am? What in the world did you do?

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