she wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny denim fabric skirt that's mini :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I have a mini skirt or 2 tucked away in the back of my drawer-- and they usually stay there (true life: I sit like a dude). However, these days the weather is still all over the place-- sometimes humid, other times pouring, or warm with a chill in the air that instantly freezes me for the day from the second I feel it. So, I decided to take a little style risk on my first free day out and about during my work week, and it totally paid off (although I still had to pay attention when I got out of cars or sat down haha)! I was comfortable & just the right temperature for the entire day. & I won't lie, there's a certain satisfaction you get when you walk out of the front door, take a step into the open air & think, "nailed it!" My mini skirts may just come out from hiding...

Sweater & Skirt: Forever 21
Binocular Necklace: Kate Spade
Gold Ring: Vintage
Silver Ring: Tiffany's
Mouse Flats & Bag: Unknown- but my favorite finds of all!

& here I am in my newest, usual stance these days, unknowingly caught working after our "shoot" haha :)
Speaking of which, work is a total dream! Although you can't see it, I'm actually smiling under all that hair :). I could really not be any happier/more thankful-- and many thanks to all of you for your kind words & congratulations! 

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