my weekend.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

On Friday, right after leaving work early, I immediately hit traffic on the way up to my aunt's house. By hour 2 I was irritated, but I did get there in one piece, had a great weekend, & now have the confidence to drive far again! I also tried Friendly's for the first time, got a huge graduation surprise & had my first turtle crossing (more about the last two later on in the week). I seriously love catching up with my fam, spending a few nights laughing & venting and all that good stuff-- you can never have to much of it! ;) I only wish I could have enjoyed it a little longer!

Spade you say? Well, there's only one kind when it comes to me! If you follow me on Twitter you know what I'm talking about! My next entry may be a little Marie Antoinette themed, if you catch my drift :DDD

And last, but not least, at the end of my long weekend the boyfriend & I caught up on our latest obsession, Game of Thrones, which I must admit to being addicted to! We crammed the first and second seasons in just in time to see the season finale, so I'm excited for next Sunday! And after that I have no idea what we will be watching... any suggestions? 

Hope your Memorial Day weekend was as splendid & food filled as mine was!
What were you guys up to? :)

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