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Monday, May 07, 2012

I tend to play it very low key during the week, as far as fashion goes; you can usually find me in a black & white striped shirt, skinny jeans, & either black or white flats. But even though I keep it minimalist chic during the week (in both clothing & color), I am really loving the way I see others use pops of color here and there-- particularly neon hues, along with their everyday attire.
   Even though this trend has been around for, what? 1 or 2 seasons, it's slowly growing on me. I'm very hesitant when it comes to stepping out of my style's comfort zone--especially into one will make me look like a highlighter or traffic cone if I get it wrong.

   Hesitant as well? Here are some gorgeous neon brights I would love to add to my everyday wear that ease you into the trend in a chic way, without compromising style:

(Included inspirational outfit pictures courtesy of here, here, & here!) 

1. Shop Jeen's Neon Obsession Collar: Pretty? Check. Preppy? Check. Edgy? Check. Totally & completely adorably versatile? Check please!
2. Kate Spade New York's Sunny Ellie Clutch: That extra little oomph to amp up an otherwise drab late night getup
3. Alice + Olivia Printed Scarf: Wear it under your blazer's lapel, around your neck, or in your hair Thelma & Louise style for a gorgeous glow
4. LANCÔME's Rouge in Love Miss Coquelicot: Keep your outfit & makeup low key to keep the attention on your fiery pout
5. Forever 21's Button Shoulder Top: Mix up your usual black & white striped tee for this cutie a la Jessica Day from the New Girl
6. J. Crew's Cafe Capri in Soft Fuchsia: Swap out your usual skinny jeans for a pair of these guys & va va voom with color!

Are YOU rocking the neon trend this season? Let me know what you think, or how you're wearing it, in a comment or two... :)

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