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Sunday, April 15, 2012

I feel like it has been forever and a day since I've updated & could not wait until Monday to bring this blog back from the dead! If you haven't read my blog, I should tell you where I've been-- me and my best friend Diana escaped to Washington, D.C. over Easter break.

Diana & I in a Caribou Coffeehouse near our hotel

We saw the sights, unwound, and had a few days of peace and quiet and deep thinking and some more relaxing (and of course some crazy adventures here & there). It was fantastic to say the least. But here I am, back in New York safe and sound and crazy all over again!

Since I arrived back last Monday evening I have been getting back into the downward groove that is my life, hence the horrible lack of updates, the stumbling about my life (I did not program my DVR to record Mad Men for the past 2 weeks I was away although I could swear I did), and getting back to normal--but not before a few AMAZING THINGS happened!

*Not only was I greeted by a very-happy-to-see-me boyfriend, but was given a dozen roses simply for arriving back in one piece :). Clearly I was missed quite a bit!

*After unpacking I noticed, amongst my large sum of mail, quite a large envelope from my lovely college and, low and behold, a joyful screaming fit that no one, including my extremely frightened cat, understood. I had been accepted into the Experimental Psychology Graduate program that I had been getting stomach aches over for the past few weeks (and even mustered up the courage to email the admissions office while in D.C. about; remember that whole discovering my life path entry? Well, I'm on the road to it now--officially!). Although I didn't exactly receive the congratulations I'd expected, I was so over the moon that after my jumping, screaming moment I had the biggest headache afterward (perhaps I had shaken all of the stressors from my brain in the excitement?). And truly nothing beats coming home to an answered question about the rest of your life!
Oh, isn't it lovely to go away? You come home to the grandest things--everything you have been dying waiting for that happened to slip your mind while you were thousands of miles away are suddenly transformed into the best welcome-home surprises.
I won't lie, I've regained a little bit of myself that has been gone for quite sometime from this vacation--a fire inside of me that seemed to dim a little in the past few years, a glimpse of fearlessness that I had been missing (especially considering how crappy and crazy I was feeling on the days leading up to our vacations--you have no idea).

So here I am. Back. Ready to take on the world (and this lovely blog)! It is less than 1 month til graduation and, for the first time in a long time, I'm not so scared :) It's great to be back!

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