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Monday, April 23, 2012

So what are you guys thinking of the new Blogspot layout/dashboard type item? I'm not very crazy about it, personally. These days I'm like an old lady when it comes to technology--I don't want to learn anything new anymore! Haha
Anywho, so last night I got a callback for a summer job in the middle of working on a ton of final projects & clearly went a little poor gal insane online (browsing only, I promise)! I basically spent the rest of the night pinning everything I hope to purchase once I start having some moolah again. That's a little crazy, isn't it? Yeah, well, sometimes us poor girls go a little INSANE when they strike it rich! (If you can call the usual minimum wage summer job that!) Le sigh. Some things never change!

Clearly I'm going through a leopard phase! & that doesn't even begin to show the amount of expanded wishlists & bombarded browsers from last night either ;) Check out the rest of my recent pins (as well as these b-e-a-u-tiful finds) on my pinterest!

What have YOU pinned lately? :)

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