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Friday, April 27, 2012

Two weeks from tomorrow I will be graduating from undergrad--& I am freaking out! Pretty crazy how quickly time flies! Ayeayeaye!

One of the main things I'm happy to say that I've gotten out of the way in preparation of my big day is deciding what to wear! Tuesday night, after a day of sighing over what to do all day (wear what I've got, spend money on something I'll only wear once), I sat down with some rocky road & my favorite show, The New Girl, only to see Jess wearing my original dress idea--an adorable red, white and blue Kate Spade New York dress! Clearly this was a sign to just take the plunge and borrow it from my favorite designer closet (that I've been window shopping at since September of last year!), Rent the Runway. After questioning the Facebook-sphere and deliberating with my wallet for 15 minutes, I said "screw it, I'm treating myself!" (the $25 coupon code made it more bearable on my financial soul, too). You only graduate undergrad once, right? And I'm glad I get to do it in style, wearing one of my favorite designers without, literally, bankrupting my savings account!

I plan on wearing it with bedhead mod curls, white peep toe pumps, and my Marc by Marc Jacobs Daisy earrings. *Squee!*

This isn't even a sponsored post, despite how it sounds haha! But I am really soo insanely excited to have actually pulled it off. Who said poor girls can't be fashionable? :) Hope your week is ending on a high note as well! If not, here's some Florence to get you back on track!

Happy Weekend!

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