escape to washington, d.c.!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Diana & my trip to Washington ended up being more than we had ever hoped for. You know the fast paced city life of New York? Know the insanely slow feel of a small town? D.C. was that perfect middle ground where people smiled, did not look miserable, reprimanded their kids, and actually said "excuse me." Needless to say, we were a little freaked out at first, but couldn't believe that we had lived without such a calm lifestyle for so long! Haha Here's the rest of our adventure-- in pictures!

By the power of Gray Scull, we found a Shake Shack (our usual NYC lunch spot) within walking distance of our hotel on our first night. :D

Red tulips were everywhere!

The White House

Me (& my polka dot shirt that clearly travels with me everywhere)!

Diana :)

We found a fantastically calming pool in the Sculpture Garden & took a break :)

Life imitating art!

Kate made an appearance, of course!

We visited the International Spy Museum. I bought TONS of stuff!

On Day 2 we met Abe

It was so surreal being there! (& totally not as close as they appear to be!)

Diana's ninja shirt kicked butt!

Becoming Abe!

Then we made the trek over to the Smithsonian's Air & Space Museum

Hello Kitty followed me to D.C.! If only this shirt came in Adult sizes!

"I knew 5 languages. My pet squirrel ignored them all." Thanks for the laugh on the way home, Ben!

The FBI building we just so happened to pass by on our way home.

On our last day of sightseeing we went to the Holocaust Museum

We originally had something else written on the piece of paper

But I decided that this was way better :D

Us in all of our D.C. glory!

I really had such an amazing time words cannot describe it! This is the first time I've ever been away from my family on a vacation & I would not have changed a thing--our time there really was phenomenal, totally worth it, and entirely necessary! And how can you not feel at home when everything you love from NY is within walking distance? The things I love really follow me everywhere. Did I mention the life-size Marilyn Monroe statue in the lobby of our hotel? The drink I ordered from Caribou Coffee that tasted like a Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks (only better)? The watching of bad (& good) TV & dying of laughter with a friend that happens far too infrequently these days? Diana & I are already dreaming of a move to our nation's capital! But while that may be out of reach for sometime, we've decided that going on a little escape again is not! And after only a week or so being back, I can't wait to plan our next adventure!

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