Using air quotes in this title is, like, so 'post-modern'

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Want to know the best feeling in the world? Besides finishing up a fabulous internship this past Wednesday (I almost started tearing writing my farewell email) and window shopping around Chelsea with my friend Michelle, I made a fantastically unplanned poor girl wishlist purchase that made the day even more fantastic than it already was. For the longest time I have been dying for these fabulous Kate Spade New York Airquote Mittens, which are all parts cute and clever (I mean, they have air quotes knitted into them for goodness sake)! However, their $60 price tag never seemed to fit into my poor girl budget, so I unhappily watched them disappear from my grasp, along with the New York winter, into the dark abyss of my Pinterest wishlist board.

So, Michelle and I happened to make a last trip to Nordstrom Rack before parting ways and discovered the glorious treasures they had at fabulous prices: Tom's shoes for $30-something, Free People sweaters and tops at affordable prices--even cosmetics and face washes at crazy low prices. As we mozied around the bags and accessories area, I just to happened to spot a pair of divine polka dotted Kate Spade trouser socks! The KSNY tirade began because, as I told Michelle, no matter where I go she always seems to find me! I continued to tell her about some of her amazing items that I had been coveting and, just as the mittens were about to pop out of my mouth I spotted a Kate Spade Box! And not just any box, the one I know that they come in (obsession much?)! I practically gasped while Michelle reached for a handful of mittens in a spot underneath--Kate Spade New York mittens, no less! I immediately grabbed one of the amazing box and, low and behold, the Airquote Mittens lay inside amongst the adorable polka dotted lining. After a few minutes of holding onto them for dear life as I walked around the store, I made my purchase-- $24.95.

The poor girl with expensive taste inside of me did somersaults. I very happily edited my Pinterest wishlist board that night: "got em!"

Now all I need is for the weather to get just a little colder & I'll be set! (Although I have no shame walking around in 60 degree weather with these darlings on!)
Have you guys picked up any wishlisted items lately?

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