Monday, March 12, 2012

Since this is my spring break from school I decided to spend the entire weekend doing as much unproductive stuff as humanely possible, whether that be watching tons of movies (Hugo, Get Him to the Greek, Hanna, Down with Love, & Cruel Intentions, to name a few!), organizing my Pinterest boards, staying up late playing Draw Something, creating a new banner for the Facebook page, or simply avoiding my email. It proved successful, but I did slip up a bit on Sunday night so I wouldn't be a complete slob (& so that I would be able to take an indulgent bath sometime this week)! For the most part, though, it was nice to switch off a bit & get the lazy out of my system. Now I'm off to accomplish a ton of homework, projects, & to-do's before reality hits me next Monday (& enjoy the BEAUTIFUL NY weather while I'm at it; so much swooning going on)! Hope your weekend was as fantastically lazy as mine was! :)

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